Digital and social media marketing. An asset for companies.

By Aakriti Aggarwal

Do you wish viewing all those google ads, promotional videos, and creative marketing campaigns that one of those belonged to your company?

 If yes, then you must know that in this era of globalization, where everyone can be seen with a smartphone and a social media handle, digital and social media marketing can be a make or break point for any company.

The number of global internet users increased from 3.9 billion in 2017 to a whooping 4.13 billion in 2019. With this rise, companies need to set their brand apart from others and create brand awareness in the general public.

Reaching out to the target audience, cost effectiveness, forming a brand loyalty, and gaining new customers are only some of the many benefits companies achieve through such marketing. Thus it can be rightly said that digital and social media marketing is an asset for every emerging and existing company. 

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